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Published by TasteeBQ

TasteeBQ is a superhero who shares short stories and recipe articles. He is on a mission to defeat the villainous BorenG'Food in pursuit of Making the World a Better Place to Eat. His day gigs include SpokesHero for BBQ Caterer- Tastee BQ Grilling Co. in Los Angeles and he is the iconic label model for the new California Gold BBQ Rubs (now available on Amazon.com). Blog creator Chef Mick Brown also writes BBQ Catering Confidential on Wordpress. He recently won Champion Grill Master on the "Grill or Be Grilled" Episode of Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen. His newest project is "BBQ RESCUES!"- an interactive blog about Grilling and Recipes. There are also plans for BBQ RESCUES! Videos and Podcasts in the near future.

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